& for Erin Pechtel's Thursday Workshop

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Making Disciples in the Everyday Stuff of Life
Jeff Vanderstelt
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Asking Profound Questions About Your Life and Your Company 
Courtney Roberts
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Can't Afford Not to Think & The Power of Failure
Vitaly Rizhkov
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Community & Culture Within Small Business
Kelli Murray & Sam Larson
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Transforming Builders & Makers into Movers & Shakers
Mingo Palacios
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Digital to Analog: The Value of Face to Face Community
Jeffrey Gerson, Tricia Byrnes & Paul Tellefsen
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Give > Take
Jonathan Kayser
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american made | you made!
Erin Pechtel
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Saturday we are excited to provide a new feature to our conferences. The Craft Excursion and Craft Workshops. These are more experiential hands-on times and are designed to focus on more niche interests. They will allow you to experience San Diego and learn more in a specific field or craft.

Craft Excursion (3.5 hours)

Photography & Marketing
Joel & Maggie Bear
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Craft Workshops (2 hOurs)

Philip Leclerc
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The Heart of Writing
Sharon McKeeman
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The Art of Team Building & Songwriting: Words, Music and Everything In-between
Graham Bronczyk, Alicia Simila & Jamin Steel
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Adventure Meets Craft
Bradley Mountain Staff
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Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Cinematography
Dirk Dallas
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