Can't Afford Not to Think & The Power of Failure

Vitaliy Rizhkov

Thursday Workshop Session #2

1:45-2:45 PM

Moniker Main Room

Thursday Workshop Session #3

3:15-4:15 PM

Mosaic Main Room

When people are thinking, running, speaking and working faster than the world spins, there is bound to be a point of crash. Can you afford to time to think things through and do you know that failure brings significantly more power and insight than success. How can we utilize these two tools to revolutionize our everyday.

Vitaliy Rizhkov

Founder & CEO | Hipture

Vitaliy Rizhkov is the founder and CEO of Hipture, helping you turn your memories into art. He is running the startup with 100% transparency by sharing every little detail of his startup adventure on his blog In not so distant past Vitaliy co-found seven different companies with multi-million dollar revenues. Recently, Vitaliy shared an article on TheNextWeb titled: What I learned from sacking 100 employees and losing $1.5 million. About a year ago Vitaliy moved from Vancouver, BC to Portland, OR with his wife of ten years Marina, and three energized boys. |