The Heart of Writing

Sharon McKeeman

Saturday Craft Workshop

During this workshop, both new and experienced writers will explore how to capture in words the unique thoughts and emotions laid on their hearts, and the experiences that have shaped their lives so that they can reach out and impact others. They will explore their ‘Why’ for writing, take part in pencil to paper exercises designed to free their creative voice, define goals that will guide their journey forward, and walk away with tangible practices and next steps to meaningfully impact the world with their writing. (bring a journal and pencil)

Meeting Location: SD City College Room A15

Sharon McKeeman

Owner | The Define School

Sharon, a mother to three, is a photographer and a writer, and contributes to several publications including Deeply Rooted and Drift. She also owns an online photography school - The Define School where she teaches, develops curriculum and leads an incredible team of artists. 

@thedefineschool | @sharonmckeeman