Socality is about uniting together. In an effort to get YOU to Socality Live on May 2-4 we are launching #SENDMETOSOCALITY, a scholarship and aid opportunity. We totally understand the trip may be expensive, but what if we all helped each other out?

Need a ride? A place to crash? Airfare? #sendmetosocality is a collective place to express those needs and hopefully see them fulfilled generously through this community.

There are two ways to give and receive resources. 

Get Resources

  1. Someone offers to help through the #sendmetosocality hashtag.

Give Resources

  1. Offer help to someone through the #sendmetosocality hashtag.
  2. Give a scholarship from your own pocket to someone.

How You Can Help

Are you able to help someone by filling a need? Here’s what you can do!

  1. Follow #sendmetosocality

  2. Find someone with a need that you can meet.

  3. If you have the ability to pay for their registration, give a ride, provide a flight or share accommodation you should contact each other via the hashtag.

Let’s showcase the power of community and generosity in action to bring us all together!

This is the power of a community in action!