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A 5 day / 4 night creative experience set in the Canadian Rockies.


If you have a story we would love to hear from you so we can share it! Send it along with some photos to and subject it Socality PDX stories.


Socality PDX will be one of those times in my life that I talk about for years to come. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people willing to go out of their way to help others they hardly even knew. People who stood in the rain with us while waiting for cabs, strangers on buses who became life long friends, and countless other amazing connections are just a few reasons why Socality is more than a community, it's family. Who is crazy how enough to trek across Cannon Beach in 55 mile and hour wind just for a few epic pictures? Only Socality kids, and I love that! Can't wait for the next Socality adventure.

-@abell_667, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

My story is about the orphans.  God has given my wife and I a growing love and passion for these kids.  We adopted three boys who were once in the foster care system in Florida, then were foster parents to two little girls thereafter.  I had a brief opportunity to share my story, which then led to an opportunity to minister hope and encouragement to Dirk Dallas after hearing about his journey with hosting an orphan soon.

I came home feeling a sense of affirmation that comes from recognizing that my wife and I are just two of many voices speaking out on behalf of the orphans in this world.  It is a challenging task, but the rewards are truly of eternal impact in the lives of the children.  I am thankful that Socality opened up this chance encounter and gave me that opportunity to share my story, albeit briefly.

-@_avito, Seattle, Washington, USA


It's not easy to describe Socality PDX in only a few words, but the live event has changed my life through community. It is a refreshing feeling to authentically connect with people from all about the globe. The Live event provided time and opportunity to meet those around me. The weekend was filled with powerful speakers, incredible music, and deep challenges. I feel renewed, uplifted, encouraged, and inspired.

-@davey_gravy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I met Ian Nelson while I was in middle school and he was the middle school pastor at Calvary Chapel Corvallis.  And it was there that he planted the seeds of a dreamer, of believing that maybe someday I could play a part in changing the world, and that I could leave a legacy that would impact generations to come.

Years later here I am at Socality, birthed by dreamers, inspired by a crazy, impossible love that knows no bounds and has no limits. And that is the same love that caused a bunch of prostitutes, tax collectors, shepherds, fisherman and sinners to change the world almost 2000 years ago. 

For me, Socality is more than just connecting local communities globally for all of eternity.  It is about empowering, equipping, and encouraging people to play a part in changing this world for the better; that together we can build a better future forever, where we are, with what we have been given.

Socality changed my life.  Thank you Ian.

-@asianstevenmiller, Albany, Oregon, USA


Socality was something I just stumbled upon like most people do. I couldn't tell you exactly where I found it, or who I found it from but all I know is that it came into my life and captivated me in a way that other things haven't. The conference there was always this lingering feeling that I should go, but I kept making excuses on why I wouldn't be able to or that I couldn't justify spending the money at the time, but the feeling never went away. Between a few texts from a friend I had met in Nashville actually through the hashtag I finally said yes and two weeks before the conference I booked my ticket from Florida to Oregon and said Yes to what ever God had in store for me.

From there I trusted and just said whatever happens, happens and God blessed that. From the moment I arrived in Portland things happened that made me realize that God had a very specific plan for me on this trip. It was more about trusting in him and less about trusting me, and as the super planner I usually am I found a lot of freedom in letting go. Things fell into place that I couldn't have controlled, I met people that inspired me and encouraged me and carried a fire that I realized I had been lacking from my life.

See what I thought I was going to Socality for was to create connections and be inspired from other Creatives which I was, but God's plan was much deeper then that. It was Friday morning during worship and I just felt overwhelmed by this feeling of Christ. It wasn't an audible voice, but just that God was saying "how can you be so close, yet be so far." I was hit with such conviction. How could I be so involved in the church and on the outside look like I was such a "great" Christian, but distant myself so much on the inside. I had spent so much time this year trying to fill my life with everything but God. Whether it was control, or drinking, or attention and really had removed any closest I had with God. I had hardened my heart toward grace and was trying to pursue life on my own. Things that I would normally have strong conviction on I pushed as far back as I could, and was living a life that dishonored God. I was struggling with depression and anxiety and honestly just pushed Christ as far away as I possibly could. So in that moment, being surrounded by people that were filled with the Holy Spirit, that held that fire I had blown out in my own life I realized my sin. I realized the grace I had been running from this last year and I wanted my fire back. See God's plan for me wasn't to Network or grow my business, but was to grow my heart. I became soft again to the things I had been running from for so long.

So what did I learn from Socality? I learned what It means to trust in the Lord. I learned what it means to take leaps of faith, and to listen to what God is telling you. I learned what is means to let go. I learned what it means to get your feet dirty. And I learned what it means to be okay with being uncomfortable.

The first night something was said that stuck out to me. "Don't settle for an easy life."  Through Socality I am pursuing a life honoring to God and that, I am thankful for.

Thank you for everything you guys are doing, you really are changing lives.



-@sincerelyamanda, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


This community amazes me. These people are truly authentic. They want to get to know you and be a part of your story. This is everything to me. True community can only exist when people are authentic, and this really is true community. People coming just as they are, looking for somewhere to belong. I met so many incredible people this weekend and was blessed to see friends from the last live event as well. I am so thankful to be a part of a community like this. We’re all a little crazy, but we’re crazy together. I mean we braved the winds and rain all day on Saturday, but then again #anythingforthegram

-@christopherpease, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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As I've reflected and let the experience of Socality PDX sink in. My perspective has been positively changed, in such a way to re-emphasize the value of people. God is amazing. We create because He created us. We love because He first loved us. I'm so humbled to know that there are so many fellow brothers and sisters that love to create and love to connect. I'm so excited to see how the Lord will use our creative skill-sets to be a physical movement of love. I met so many amazing people with genuine hearts for community and outreach and I'm ready, now more than ever, to walk amongst this community and extend the arms of grace and love. I'm so blessed and thankful being immersed in the community that is Socality.

-@thalesjaywake, San Diego, California, USA

I can’t begin to explain the wonderful experience I had this Socality PDX weekend. As you know I am from Dominican Republic, and was raised in Honduras. Sorry if my English is not clear.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived to the doors of Socality, when I first meet the first guys that now I consider my brothers of many that I met that weekend. I come from a place that love can come to out neighborhood because hate and violence won’t let such thing live within us. God is so amazing that he shows the love he has for me through his children.

Socality PDX was an experience for me that totally change my life. Starting with the worship that was presented before God, moved my hand to worship with everyone in the room. The message of forgiveness and move with faith encourage me to trust God and forgive those because God gave me freedom. The friendships I develop will be for eternity because everyone was so honest and carrying. The workshops were beyond exciting and so good, and for me the film workshop was so inspiring. Everyone was so humble and patient, so I never felt out of place. I felt like I belong.

This is my story

-@marvjei, Dominican Republic


This last week at @socality was such a great reminder of that fact, and what an incredible gift it was to be surrounded my others who are boundlessly passionate about what God's calling them to create. I was broken, challenged, encouraged, and loved on. This community is pretty ridiculous. I can't wait to see where God calls us next!

Being there and meeting people and growing in my relationship with Jesus. It honestly could not have been more timely. I was shaken to my core in the best way and also reminded that there is amazing community around me. Something I had felt was sorely missing in my world. Not anymore, though. I wear my "Belong" key with a full heart every day since I've been home, as a reminder of the people that I'm now so graciously surrounded by. God is moving, and it is amazing. 

-@loreneburgess, San Diego, California, USA


Here's a few Instagram stories from the hashtag #socalityPDX. 


Hey Guys, It's Scott.

What an incredible week! We try to place into words the 3 days at Socality PDX but words simply aren't enough. It is something that just needs to be experienced. So much to the point, where people immediately ask when is the next one! The truth is the event is just a touch point, but the heartbeat is carried on by every individual that goes back to their communities and brings Socality to life!

One of the most amazing things is when guest speaker Andi Andrew said within 5 minutes of arriving was ,"this is a true community". People hugging each other with sincere love and excitement, only to have met that day. People who had followed each other on social platforms for years now having a face to face encounter. Others who have not followed each other connecting quickly. I love what attendee Chris King said. "I expected to experience some snobbery and pretentiousness, especially having experienced people like that in the music world all too often. But there was none of that. I had legitimate conversations with at least 50 people, and every person I met was friendly, open, sincere, genuine and loving." 

There is something significant happening through Socality and the culture that is being developed by the people, either in leadership or those attending. The core team came together just to serve this community. We had a team of volunteers who gave over 100 hours of building, constructing and designing sets and structure, packing swag bags and setting up for the event. When it came time to tear down, people just threw their hands in to help pack down and clean the venue. No one getting paid, just hearts beaming with joy, just because we are building a space where people belong. This is a true family, a sincere community and anyone who attends an event or is following online is apart of shaping and developing this movement. 

The three days brought main sessions (which will be online soon) as well as workshops in the arts and leadership. Andi Andrew kicked off the weekend with a incredibly inspiring and challenging message encouraging us to be catalysts for community. Our second session focused on your story as Brit Moore and Ian Nelson made us laugh and cry sharing their personal journeys. The round table brought up Jeffrey Gerson, Instagram's Community Manager of North America to inspire and teach about developing a social platform as well as Tim Landis and Andi Andrew.

Sharing the Socality keynote and announcing Socality Community Projects was a highlight. We were able to clearly answer what is socality and how can you get involved. This was huge for us as we want to enable people right where they live to jump in and be a catalyst for change right where they live. We know that as people gather and build community right where they live and use their creative abilities for social good, that socality can truly make a difference. While we have connected via social media, socality is about faith in action. Being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we live and the joining this story to the others around the world. We are really excited to see people make a difference.

Dale Partridge, founder of Sevenly and The Daily Positive blew our minds with his keynote, People Over Profit. What Dale invested into our community was of such high value that it truly inspired us!

The community excursion to Cannon Beach was completely unforgettable. Pouring rain and winds up to 70mph quickly renamed the event #soakedcality. Drenched from head to toe and fighting against violent winds, our community was true to form as we braved the storm. We gathered on the beach for the experience that will never be forgotten. Meeting at haystack rock,  these moments were forever captured and shared on social media #socalitypdx.

As we all boarded the buses for the journey home, we were dripping from top bottom with the Oregon rains. Uncomfortable, wet and soaked we couldn't have been happier. Driving up to the venue people were hugging and laughing while others shook the remaining sands of Cannon Beach from their boots.

Socality PDX-  a 3 day event that has brought friendships for life. The event may be over but now the real stories and journeys begin. Stories that will unfold from conversations that took place between dreamers, entrepreneurs and creatives. 


Something is changing in the atmosphere of our communities. There is a shift from these mega crowds where people join an assembly line of production to organically grown communities where people gather around common themes and contribute their heart, gift and authentic self. People who are truly appreciating each other for the individual they are and understanding that as a whole we are part of something rather significant. Belonging is more than a word, it's a true value, a non negotiable. Jesus is the centre and His word and calling is our true north and His love is the compass. Social status and  platforms are all brought to a equal surface as we look past celebrity and work together on common ground for common goal; that we could all actually be the hands and feet of Jesus and we GET to do this together. The only name in lights will be the only name that matters. Jesus. 

I want to personally extend my biggest thank you to the team who gave so much to make the weekend possible. To our guests who keynoted and to all the hosts that helped house people! To our sponsors Dapper and WiseSackcloth and AshesPerspectives Global and The Giving Keys; Now more than sponsors but friends and partners! To all the volunteers and A Jesus Church for their incredible support and opening up their doors to host us all. Finally, to those who came, you are more than attendees, you are part of the family! We hope you know that you are valued and loved and that your presence made all the difference! You truly helped create this memorable experience!


And now with Socality Community Projects we can look forward to bringing the heartbeat of Socality into every community! Gather friends new and old, join creatives forces and bring others into the story and let's make a difference right in our own backyards! This is how you get involved. Let's surprise our communities with goodness and actually put love into motion! It is officially go time!

All for eternity

Scott and Socality team