Transforming Builders & Makers into Movers & Shakers

Mingo Palacios

Thursday Workshop Session #1

11:30-12:30 PM

Thursday Workshop Session #3

3:15-4:15 PM

Moniker (Mingo's Office)

In a socially-driven culture that has us convinced of the need to build up followers, the most challenging thing we can journey towards is becoming great leaders. This workshop will equip passionate doers with tools to become a influential leaders.

Mingo Palacios

Founder | Even Here Movement

Mingo Palacios’ art is propelling people forward. He thrives when developing leaders of leaders, and coaching creative entrepreneurs through the the depths of their one-of-a-kind efforts. Mingo is invested in several socially good projects including founding the Even Here Movement - a project that plants popup churches all over the country in places that need hope and help in equal measure. He also manages a long standing arts network in Downtown San Diego, in partnership with several local businesses including Moniker Group, Smart Interactions, Builders & Makers, and several other creative entities. Mingo also speaks throughout the year to young adults about the relentless love of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel.

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