Community and Culture Within Small Business

Kelli Murray & Sam Larson

Thursday Workshop Session #1

11:30-12:30 PM

Thursday Workshop Session #2

3:15-4:15 PM

Mosaic Outside Covered

We believe in community and want to see the culture of our businesses and places of work embrace purpose and passion. Whether you are dreaming up a business to kick off or are a part of a current company on the ground, we're here to share our story and experience on this process of how to take the steps to build that business with limited resources, create a climate that you want to work in, and strive to find a purpose in that work. Our generation is officially in the golden age of startups and currently has the highest percentage of people ever recorded in the United States involved in a startup on some level in the workforce. Whatever level you find yourself on, we can encourage you to take the next step to pursue that vision or work internally within your current company to help shape the culture to one that better reflects community-mindedness and purposeful vision.

Kelli Murray

Founder | Rylee & Cru

Kelli is an illustrator, graphic designer, fashion lover and craft connoisseur whose work has been used by major retail and design companies across the world. She also designs and runs a children's clothing brand named Rylee & Cru which is named after her two children. @kelli_murray


Sam Larson

Creative Director | Lone Flag

Account Director | Other Sons Agency

Sam is a brand-builder, entrepreneur and, most importantly, a husband and dad. He currently works on his concept retail space and brand called Lone Flag as well as a design and branding agency called Other Sons | @samalanche | @othersonsagency