Photography & Marketing

Joel & Maggie Bear

Saturday Craft Excursion

During this workshop, Joel and Maggie will create an experience that creatives can build community and conversations through an excursion in a new element. There will be project assignments with the goal to push limits, build conversation that allow for teaching dialog and and working relationships.

Meeting Location: Balboa Park, Moreton Bay Fig Lawn

Joel & Maggie Bear 

Visual Architects | Professional Photographers

Joel and Maggie are visual architects working together as a husband and wife team. They build with creatives and brands through commercial photography and creative direction. In their ever-evolving world they aspire to take on the creative challenge of visual architects; not merely moving with the flow of trends and culture, but building and shaping through design, photography and creative direction in the industry. They have collaborated with major brands, creatives and publications around the world by building narratives and experiences through their work.

@joelbear | @magggiebear