The art of team building & Songwriting: Words, Music and Everything In-between

Graham Bronczyk, Alicia Simila & Jamin Steel

Saturday Craft Workshop

The Art of Team Building

Learning to build “we” centered teams in a “me” centered world. 

No man is an island. To achieve great things and accomplish our goals we must learn how to work with each other and build the camaraderie necessary to continue to move forward. If you can master the art of building a healthy team, the boundaries on what you can accomplish are limitless. We want to give you tips and principles through this interactive workshop to help you build an effective, healthy and long lasting team. 

Songwriting: Words, Music and Everything In-between

Discovering the balance of inspiration and perspiration in songwriting. 

Whether in a moment of inspiration or in a laborious state of purposeful crafting, a song can spring into life in many different ways and forms. If you are writing songs for the joy of the art or using a song to achieve a specific purpose, there are many different ways to fulfill your goal. We want to analyze and discuss the conception, progress and birth of songs, in all its different forms, as well as integrate hands on learning for new songwriters. 

Meeting Location: SD City College Room A201

Newport Worship

In 2006, Pastor Jonathan and Diane Wilson hand-picked Newport Beach as the site for the new church plant. Following 28 years on the Hillsong Church staff, Wilson and his wife brought a team over from Australia to help launch what is now Newport Church, a vibrant congregation of believers in the heart of Orange County, CA. Since opening its doors eight years ago, Newport's worship team has organically evolved into a songwriting collective, and the original songs the band's written to lead their congregation in worship have culminated in the group's first national full-length release.

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