Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Cinematography

Dirk Dallas

Saturday Craft Workshop

Capturing aerial imagery with a drone is easier and more accessible than ever before but knowing where to start can be difficult. In this workshop, you'll learn how to capture stunning aerial imagery, as well as learn about production and post-production techniques to get you taking your photos to the next level.

Meeting Location: SD City College Room B204

Dirk Dallas

Professional Photographer
Professor of Digital Media

Dirk Dallas lives in Southern California with his wife/best friend and two daughters. He is a graphic designer, filmmaker, photographer and professor of digital media. Some of Dirk’s clients include Nike, Toyota, Disney and Ford. Under the name @dirka, he has amassed over 238,000 followers on Instagram and his photographic works have been featured in art galleries in Orange County, Philadelphia and San Francisco and on various websites such as CNN, USAToday, Mashable and HuffingtonPost. In his free time you can find him chasing light, exploring new beaches and flying helicopters with his oldest daughter.

@dirka | fromwhereidrone.com