What is Socality Live?

Socality Live is a four-day experience designed to connect, create and mobilize influencers all for eternity. It takes your online experience and brings it to life!

This experiential conference will focus around connection, community, creation and curation. It will be filled with high energy sessions and workshops, providing training from top social influencers and leaders in their spheres. We will also create spaces where you can connect with others and gain true, lasting friendships that will exist after the event is over. This is about getting to know people from your social networks in person!

The Beach Excursion will take place on Friday July 31. Socality is about exploring the host city as a community and capturing moments on our phones and sharing them with the world! We will be exploring beautiful La Jolla Beach as we adventure together. Your bus ticket to and from the venue is included in your registration. 

Why Should I Attend?

Socality Live will draw influencers from around the globe. It is about people coming together from every part of the world in order to connect and grow!

We believe in creating spaces that are all about connecting for purpose. You never know who you will meet that will allow you to step into your given potential.

If you are not at Socality Live, you could be missing out on one of the greatest connection points of your life!