What is Socality Camp?


A creative camp experience for the mavericks, creators, and adventurers. Socality Camp brings together like-minded artists, world-class speakers & workshop leaders. It’s a 4-day, 5-night experience to connect, create, and learn together in one of the most beautiful settings in the world: the Canadian Rockies. Socality Camp will give you the opportunity to build long-term relationships with others in an intimate setting and get connected into amazing opportunities. It will also put you in a beautiful location where you will have opportunities to learn by doing.

We have brought together guests, leaders, and creatives that are leading in the spheres of social media, entrepreneurship and creativity. Additionally, our community is filled with people who are doing great things and have so much knowledge to share. We will have sessions around shared learning where we can all learn from each other.  

If you are passionate about getting connected, building towards your own dreams and want to take the next step in your creative journey, then we encourage you to invest in yourself and register for Socality Camp today.

We can’t wait to meet you and see where this journey will take you

Scott BakkenFounder, Socality



from Socality Camp 2017

  • What made Socality Camp unique was that it was an all-immersive experience of adventure, creativity and community. Being in such beautiful scenery with so many creative people, who had come together because of shared passions, created an environment that buzzed with positive energy from start to end. All of the workshops and excursions were opportunities to interact with creative leaders, get their perspectives and advice, and put ideas into action. Above all else, I felt inspired by the talent around me and even more so knowing that I could inspire others too. I couldn’t ask for more of a life boost and it’s awesome to now be part of a community that supports one another beyond camp.
    — Matt Hoffman (@matthffmn) Toronto, ON
  • Socality camp was so much more than I expected, it blew my mind! I signed up not knowing much about camp, but I knew I had to go! Little did I know I would have one of the best experiences of my life! I felt welcomed by everyone right away, and instantly made friends! I gained so much knowledge in what I love, while connecting with others and making great friendships. The workshops were full of knowledge, and very engaging, The excursions were filled with tons of Adventure and free time to explore! I left camp filled with knowledge and full of inspiration! I will definitely be coming back to camp in the years to come! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you Socality camp!
    — Jessica Tarno, (@jessica_tarno) West Palm Beach, FL
  • I am relatively introverted and was nervous about meeting so many new people; but as soon as I met the other campers, as cheesy as it sounds, they instantly felt like family! It was amazing to see so many people come together come together from all over the world to connect and grow. I was able to learn many new things from the workshops and panels, but I leaned so much from just being around likeminded people. Besides meeting so many awesome human beings, the best part of camp was probably the nightly campfires. Also the places that we traveled to were breathtaking! Okay, so basically every part of Socality Camp was amazing!
    — Nathan Pigott, (@nathan.blaine) Jacksonville, FL
  • Imagine a place where creativity runs freely and collaboration is fully embraced. A place where everyone wants to hear your story and openly shares theirs. This is what Socality Camp was for me— grown adults running around one of the most beautiful places in the world, exercising creativity and inspiring each other to not only be better creatives but more importantly, better human beings. An overall theme I got from people the entire week was they felt like they were meant to be at camp. For me, I bought my ticket early on because I just knew I needed to be there. It was like out of all the people in the world, this unique group of creatives was hand picked to come together and become each other's family for the week (and beyond).
    — Wendy Hu, (@nomadicfare) New York City, NY
  • In a time of my life where I felt so lost creatively, emotionally, and mentally, Socality was introduced to me through a personal leap of faith. Little did I know that by purchasing a spontaneous ticket over Instagram, to a five day camping trip in the middle of Alberta, Canada I would actually become part of a family of like-minded and creative individuals. It was surreal. I’d never felt more comfortable in my life. It is safe to say that Socality Camp changed my life.I’ve made connections with new friends who I value and admire, and I’ve redefined my self-worth to something I can be happy with and proud of. Everyone needs to experience Socality, to have a community where their ideas are heard and supported while having fun is essential!
    — Kasia Avila, (@kasiavila) Chicago, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should come to camp?

    • This camp is designed to bring together creatives, artists and makers to learn, grow and connect together in an outdoor experience that will inspire creativity. Anyone interested in developing their craft in the arts, wanting to build relationships with like minded people or looking to developing their social and business platforms are perfect candidates for this camp. This camp is not for those who just want to hike or retreat but is targeted for those with interests to grow as artists and looking to establish a network with other creators and entrepreneurs.

  • Where is the camp/venue located?

    • The camp will take place over 2 venues in the 5 days. The first two days will be onsite at a private campground located at Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp just outside of Longview, Alberta with food provided by a private chef. The final two days will take us into Banff National Park where we will be staying in hotels in the town of Banff. The town of Banff is extremely beautiful and has many shops, restaurants and amenities. Keep in mind that summer in Banff is one of the most sought after times to stay in the park.

  • What should I expect at Camp?

    • The camp will consist of various elements: workshops, excursions, activities and campfires. The workshops will focus on more specific areas around creative skills and interests. The excursions will give us the opportunity to experience, capture, and create together in stunning locations. The campfires will be intimate storytelling with live music sessions from musical artists and guests. We also like to have a few dance parties and will have a DJ as we dance into the sunset. All of this will take place in the wilderness camp and and Banff National Park and designed to bring you together with like minded people and help develop relationships for life. You should expect to walk away with skills, knowledge and a whole bunch of new friends and opportunities!

  • How do I get to and from Camp?

    • If you are traveling internationally, you need to fly into the Calgary Airport in Calgary, Alberta (YYC). We will have bus transport for those arriving into the airport. These buses will return you to the same places of pick up at the end of camp. Look to arrive in Calgary June 21st  by 1PM for a 2PM departure and book your flight for 4PM outbound on June 25th. International travelers need to allow 2 hrs to arrive at the airport and we will be arriving by 1PM on June 25th. You can drive your own vehicle to camp and park it on site. Once you are at camp, we will travel as a group on the buses. If you want to arrive early and stay later that is up to you but we can only provide the transport to and from the camp at these times

  • What if I want to come early or stay late?

    • Of course. You can come explore Alberta at your own leisure. Unfortunately, all travel, accommodations and expenses outside the official dates of Socality Camp will be up to you. Feel free to use our private Facebook Group [see below] to connect with other campers who may also be extending their trip.

  • Can I connect with others prior to camp?

    • Absolutely! We have a private camp Facebook group that you will be invited into. This will allow all travelers to connect beforehand and even make plans before and after. Since our last camp this group has been active to stay connected and do things outside of the camp. Many people want to extend their stay here and the camp FB group is a great way to plan and prepare.

  • Who will lead the Excursions?

    • We will have leaders on every bus as well as trained guides from the camp that are very familiar with the areas and hikes. All locations have been chosen for optimal light and time of day for hiking and photography purposes.

  • Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

    • Yes, this event is 18+ and all event participants will be required to sign a waiver.

  • What do I need to bring to the event?

    • A sleeping bag, pillow and a foam mattress or extra layer (thermarest/camping pad) for your bed. The camp will take place the first week of summer. While it will be beautiful, we are still in the Rockies so anything is possible. There should not be snow but there may be some up in high parts of the mountains which we may encounter on the Lake Louise Teahouse hike. You will want a few warmer layers for night. The sun sets at 10PM so prepare for long days and early mornings! It will be best to bring warmer clothes for evening and sleeping and have layers for night. Bring good boots and shoes for the excursions and comfortable clothes for the camp. It may be wet, so bringing waterproof boots and a rain jacket is recommended.

    • Other Items to Consider: Camera and video equipment. Computer/ Hard drives, All chargers (yes, there is electricity), appropriate autumn clothing and boots, Toiletries and towel, journal, Passport (if travelling internationally), water bottle, backpack, headlamp

  • What are food & accommodations like?

    • All meals (except one night in Banff) will be provided- including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The camp is only able to accommodate allergies. You are welcome to bring additional snacks for the week. Accommodations at the camp will be shared in canvas tents and cabins that sleep 10-12 people and are separated by gender (male and female). Couples who wish to stay together should consider bringing their own tent. The cabins are heated and the canvas tents have wood fire stoves. They will keep you warm through the night. You can always choose to BYOT (bring your own tent). We cannot accommodate bigger set ups like RV’s. If you are coming with a friend you can request to stay in the same tent or cabin and we will do our best to accommodate. Cabins and tents all have the same bunk-bed cot set up. These are given based on availability not request. Our accommodations in Banff are in hotels and will be shared 1 X 1 ( two queen beds).

  • Is there WiFi and cell service?

    • There will be very limited wifi at the camp. You may have service at times but don’t count on it. You will have service and wifi in Banff National Park but it can be limited in some of our mountains areas. For international users, please contact your provider for cellular and data plans in Canada.

  • What will the weather be like?

    • The weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable. It could be very warm during the days but it will be cooler through the nights. This is very first week of summer and also the longest days of the year with a lot of sunlight.

  • How much physical activity is involved?

    • Alberta is surrounded by incredible mountain ranges. Many of the places we visit will have extremely easy access points and involve very little activity to enjoy these amazing views. However, some of the excursions will involve some minor hikes from 20 mins up to1 hour. All hiking is optional. If you opt out of hikes, you can enjoy the areas where we visit while others hike.

  • How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

  • Will alcohol be served at this event?

    • No, if you choose to bring your own, please drink responsibly.

  • Do you offer group rates?

    • No. Tickets are sold on an individual basis, although we will work our best to accommodate your group with the tents or cabins. Please contact events@socality.org for more.

  • I am a business. Can I sponsor this event?

  • What's the ticket refund policy?

    • Full refund up until two weeks after purchase.

    • 40% cancellation fee after 2 weeks of purchase.

    • No refunds after June 7, 2019

    • Email events@socality.org to arrange a refund.